About Us | SULE – Agent Connect


SULE is an independent business that acts on behalf of sellers, buyers and landlords. You can use SULE as a booking platform to engage more rewardingly with the real estate of your choice. Or you can use SULE to research and qualify the best agents in your area to sell or lease your property, negotiate the best commission on your behalf and help you engage their services.

We are a licensed property company and access market and sales performance data that enables our clients to select an agent with confidence based on solid sales data and price transparency, not just their personality and how nice their marketing brochures are. We supply our clients with an independent property assessment, safeguard their interests with expert oversight, and help them understand and manage their relationship with their agent.


SULE was founded by a team of senior property and financial experts. We know the workings of the real estate industry inside out and we have a depth of knowledge on property markets and sales and price trends. Our experience covers transactions in all Australian states, across residential, commercial, retail, industrial and rural property.


Most people don’t transact in property very often. The high costs – stamp duty in particular – mean that owners are now holding on to their property for longer. In some capital cities, the average has grown to 10 years.

When people decide to buy, lease or sell, they want a better deal and more openness and fairness from their agents. That’s happening across the globe in other industries, and we think it’s about time greater competition and transparency reached the Australian property market.