Privacy Policy | SULE


  • By using SULE’s services we collect personal information, which includes any information which identifies you or could be used to establish your identity.
  • You consent to SULE using this personal information for the purposes of performing the services provided by SULE.
  • You must not provide us with personal information about any other person without first obtaining their express consent and you have informed them that their personal information will be handled in accordance with SULE’s Privacy Policy.

Why does SULE need your personal information?

  • SULE needs your personal information to manage and administer the services provided by SULE. These services include:
  1. disclosing to real estate agents or other service providers your information, so they are in a position to enter into contractual agreements with you;
  2. establishing and administering your accounts with SULE;
  3. providing promotional materials to you, which may include surveys;
  4. assisting with your questions or complaints;
  5. seeking to enhance or improve the services provided by SULE, including quality assurance and training; or
  6. any other suitable use SULE may identify at the time of collecting your personal information.

When will SULE disclose your personal information?

  • SULE may disclose your personal information in order to facilitate the purpose for which it was collected, which can mean your personal information is disclosed to:
  1. third party service providers who provide services to SULE, including IT Service Providers, web hosting and debt collectors;
  2. related entities of SULE;
  3. regulators for whom SULE has an obligation to provide your personal information;
  4. those entitled to it under the relevant Law;
  5. other entities or persons for whom you have given your express consent.

Will your personal information be used for direct marketing?

  • SULE may use and disclose your personal information to keep you informed of the services being offered by SULE. This direct marketing material will generally be transmitted by emails, SMS or other electronic means.
  • You can opt out of receiving direct marketing information form SULE at any time.

Links to third party websites

  • SULE’s website may have links to third party websites for the benefit of the users of SULE’s website.
  • External websites should contain their own privacy statements and we recommend you review them when using their websites. Please note however that third party websites are not covered by this policy.

Website analytics

  • Website analytics measurement software may be used to assist in tracking traffic to and from our website, anonymously surveying users of the site. The system is used to collect such information as the number of unique visitors, how long these visitors spend on the website when they do visit and common entry and exit points into SULE’s website.
  • This non personal information is collected by a third party software provider and provided to us to assist in our analysis. You cannot be identified personally from this information and no personal information is stored about you in this regard.

How do we update your personal information?

  • We will update your personal information if you contact us, in most cases you can update your personal information over the phone or via SULE’s website.
  • We may update your personal information if we believe the personal information we hold is incomplete or out of date.

Can I deal with SULE anonymously, or by using a pseudonym?

  • No. Given the nature of services provided by SULE it is impractical for this to occur.

Storage of your personal information

  • SULE takes all reasonable steps to protect your personal information, and you will be able to access this information at any time to keep it updated.
  • Although SULE makes every endeavour to keep your personal information secure, we cannot guarantee that unauthorised parties will not gain access at some point.

Can this privacy policy be changed?

  • SULE may change this privacy policy at any time as the need arises. Updated versions of this privacy policy will be available on SULE’s website.

How can I make a complaint about privacy?

  • If you ever have an issue or complaint in relation to privacy, please contact us via the contact details listed on SULE’s website.
  • SULE takes privacy related complaints very seriously and considers all complaints carefully as part of our commitment to being open, honest and fair in dealing with your concerns.